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JEULIN is a family company created in 1953 by Mr Claude JEULIN and today specializes in cattle breeding equipment: silage feeder, silage feeder straw blower, straw blower, mixers with vertical or horizontal screws, manure spreader, self loading zero grazing trailer …

Designer and manufacturer, JEULIN has been commercializing machines throughout France and Europe thanks to its loyal distribution network for many years.

For the last twenty years, the second generation, leading the company, continues to improve, innovate and develop its range in order to fulfill their user’s evolving needs.

Thanks to the company’s family values, passed on to its entire team. Jeulin’s quality and machine reliability is recognized as well as its commitment to stay, despite its continual growth, a “people friendly” company, accessible and dynamic. A simple structure with qualified representatives are, according to JEULIN, the basis of a healthy company.

Today JEULIN is composed of two production sites with modern, innovating tools, allowing an annual output which largely satisfies our clients throughout France and abroad and one dispatch site, associating quality, logistics and transport.

The spare parts store stocks entire machine components of each range in order to supply clients without delays.

The sales department with its vast product knowledge is extremely responsive when it comes to client’s requests.

Similarly, the export department has a representative, technical documentation and further sales and marketing support in various languages at their customer's disposal.

JEULIN leads it's distribution network by promoting and developing it's range whilst supporting it's retailers by participating at both regional and European trade shows "open days” and  holding demonstrations.

JEULIN has experienced demonstrator drivers as well as their own trucks which enables a large availability.

JEULIN's task goes far beyond selling a machine and extends to client support by means of an efficient accompaniment. This follow up is carried out by qualified technicians.

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The success of the Palès 300 brought the Jeulin company to develop Palès 200, a model of 18 m3 which was in exclusivity presented to the SIMA 2015.
This show also allowed the breeders to discover the silage feeder Hélios DP, this machine has a mechanical driving of the rotor by durable belt, this model will satisfy the versatile breedings. The model Série PU, Pick up trailer enters into the range for the harvest of dry or green feed.
The grain tankers type RF increase in capacity with volumes superior to 20 m3. An universal, programmable and easy use weighing system may be adapted on the trailed materials of the range Jeulin : straw-blower, silage feeder, muck spreader, self-loading zero grazing trailer, grain tanker...  


Because of the success of Sirius silage feeder version, the manufacturer by allying the assets of the Force 2 and the straw-blower Hélios, designs the new generation of straw-blower Sirius PA : 3 models in the range in hydraulic axle and the fourth of bigger capacity in fixed axle but equipped of an ergonomic door able to accept all type of bales.
The know-how of a manufacturer, alliance of lightness and robustness allows Palès 300 to make its entrance to self-loading zero grazing trailer's with rotary drums range: a material of 24 m3 for small and average breedings.
Patented innovation, hydraulic driving the cut on self-loading zero grazing trailer brings flexibility to the starting up of the cutting system, easy driving and maintenance advantages. The French designer, revises and modernizes its range of muck spreaders declines in 7 capacities, the Volcan offers a wide choice to farmers.  


Important year for the manufacturer, 60 years of existence marked by the change of its colors, the red makes its entry.
The self-loading zero grazing trailer with rotary drums, Palès 600 is presented to the SIMA 2013 and is intented for the big breedings.
The silage feeder range fills out with Sirius DP declined in 3 models Sirius 55 DP, Sirius 70 DP and Sirius 80 DP. Aéromel, the vertical mixer with straw-blower insert version developed from Energy vertical mixer model integrates the range for narrow buildings.  


The muck spreader Volcan force 2 is once again more time revisited to meet market needs.
The Energy makes its entrance into the range of the vertical mixers with screws.
Conception and manufacturing of the self loading zero grazing trailer Palès.   


Development of the range of products Jeulin with the arrival of the selfmotor existing in 3 versions Falcon, Great Falcon and Eagle.
Arrival in the range of the straw blower - silage feeder Hélios, and the silage feeders - straw blowers/mixers Vénus and Callisto.

2007 Evolution of the range of vertical mixers with screws with a machine equipped with a straw blower baptized Boramel.
The range of silage feeders inserts a new chute, a mono-chute rotation 300 ° allowing dispensing, mulching and mixing with a single chute.


Launch on the market of the new generation of manure muck spreaders Volcan force 2.
Distribution of the silage feeder and straw blower/mixer Ouragan force 2.

2004 Creation of the new generation of muck spreaders force 2.

1998  The surface of the machine shops increases twofold to achieve 6000m ².

1995   Launching of exports towards Europe

1990 Conception and devising of the silage feeders force 2.

1986 Manufacturing of the vertical mixers with screws.

1975 Development of the first horizontal mixers with screws.

1965 Specialisation of its activity in animal rearing equipment: slurry tanker, muck spreader and self loading zero grazing trailer.


Creation of the family company JEULIN by Mister Claude Jeulin.
The company began its activity with the conception and the manufacturing of agricultural trailers.

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