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Mixing – Dispensing
Vertical conic mixing screw equipped with 7 blades with an adjustable scraper
540 rpm gear = 32 turn at the screw
Conic circle with an anti-flood ring inserted in the vat
Fiber hoop
2nd scraper on each screw
Angle reverser reducer with oil bath  (tank capacity 4l)
2 manual vertical contra-rotating blades
Tangential unloading trap door front right hand side or rear left hand side
Front left control ladder (or rear central if front conveyor)

Conception – Safety
Chassis integrated to the vat (narrow and low model)
Weighing DG500, 3 points, 48 programs, 18 components with horn (2 points on the axle, 1 point on the linkiage)
Safety casing

Road traffic
Parking brake and hydraulic brake
Lighting in accordance to the Highway code
Manual kickstand
Linkage on piton
Revolving light
CE norms and DREAL homologation

PTO transmission serie 8 with protection and safety bowl machine side

Tractor equipment
1 plug 540 rpm and 1000 rpm
1 electric plug 12v/3 pins for weighing
1 electric plug 12v/7 pins for light
1 hydraulic distributor 1 DE for the trap door (Be carefull of the quantity if additional equipment)
1 linkage piton

– Pack front bilateral conveyor with chains and bars 0,80 m width (R or L dispensing, gearbox 2 gears, control footbridge) (1 DE) – cancels the side trap  and the ladder
– Inclined conveyor 0,80 m width for 0,60 m to 1,10 m feed with hydraulic dish, inclined side  0,30 m (1 DE)
– Hydraulic dish of the conveyor 0,30 m R or L  or  0,20 dish R or L (1 DE)
– Stainless steel conveyor 0,80 m width
– Bilateral PVC conveyor flat only 0,80 m width replacing chains and bars
– Banana front conveyor, chains and bars 0,80 m width (R and L dispensing, hydraulic dish 0,20 m height maxi 1 m, gearbox 2 gears, control  footbridge) (1 DE) – cancels the side trap  and the ladder
– Right lateral PVC conveyor 0,80 m length, 1,10 m width, hydraulic inclination (2 DE)
– Central rear conveyor 2,00 m length, 1,10 m width, hydraulic lifting by 2  cylinders dispensing H. 2,50 m
– Rear bilateral unloading conveyor chains and bars 0,80 m width – cancels the front trap door
– 2nd rear left trap door or elsewhere (1 DE)
– Footbridge replacing the ladder
– Cone for minerals loading (rear)
– Build-up vat for 2 screws machine (increases the height of 0,30 m +3m3)

Hydraulic – Electric
– Gearbox 2 gears
– Speed shifting by teleflexible screw box
– Hydraulic speed shifting screw box tractor distributor (1 DE)
– Speed shifting electric control (1 add. Function) screw box
– Electric distributor 2 funtions
– Additional function for electric distributor
– Hydraulic selector 2 or 3 functions electric control for machine without   conveyor (1 DE tractor)
– Double electric control near the conveyor (3 functions)
– Electric flow regulator in tractor’s cab for unloading conveyor (1 sens)
– Manual flow regulator for unloading conveyor (1 sens)
– Hydraulic kickstand with manual pump
– MOTEC camera with screen
– Additional MOTEC camera

Cutting system
– 1 additional manual vertical contra-rotating blade
– 2 hydraulic vertical contra-rotating blade to replace the 2 manual ones (1DE)
– 1 additional manual horizontal contra-rotating blade
– 1 additional hydraulic horizontal contra-rotating blade (1 DE)
– 2 hydraulic contra-rotating blades for tubercules and roots (1 DE)
– Extension of knives for long straw
– 2nd scraper

– Wide angle PTO transmission serie 8  tractor side with protection – Any PTO used will not be taken back neither exchanged

– Spare wheel 435/50 x 19,5




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