5th to 8th March 2020

Tarbes Fair (65)

27th and 28th May 2020

Fair Grass Show to Poussay (88)

24th to 27th July 2020

Libramont Fair (Belgium)

28th August to 7th September 2020

Châlons-en-Champagne Fair (51)

15th to 18th September 2020

SPACE Show in Rennes (35)

19th to 22nd September 2020

AGRO SHOW (Poland)

7th to 9th october 2020

Sommet de l’élevage to Cournon d’Auvergne (63), next to Clermont-Ferrand

25th October 2020

Poussay Fair (88)

8th to 12th November 2020

SIMA Show to Villepinte (93)

25th and 26th November 2020

Capr’inov Show to Niort (79)