Scorpio 430

Stone pickers | Marque : ELHO

Cost-effective Scorpio 430 stone picker
The Scorpio 430 is ELHO’s newest and smallest stone picker model that features all the proven features of the Scorpio range in a more compact package. The Scorpio 430 is a cost-effective and agile model that can be used even with smaller tractors.

ELHO Scorpio stone pickers have earned an excellent reputation around the world. The hydraulic drive is flexible and reliable, and it can also operate in reverse. The tines are made from sturdy Hardox 500 steel and are more durable than traditional steel spring tines. The inlet rotor rotates at 80 r/min, while the windrowers rotate at 125 r/min. All the hopper components are bolted and easily replaceable.

The smaller Scorpio 430 is substantially more affordable than the larger Scorpio 550 and 710 models. The working width of the new model is 4.3 metres, but otherwise it shares the same basic features with the bigger models. Automatic depth adjustment and other advanced features are also available as options.

The Scorpio 430 can be used with smaller and older tractors compared to larger models. The Scorpio 430 needs only 65 l/min of hydraulic flow from the tractor. Four hydraulic blocks are recommended, but three are also sufficient by combining two of the functions. The new Scorpio 430 has a single axle, while larger Scorpio models have a tandem axle.

The Scorpio 430 is ideal for contractors, farmers and cooperatives. This more affordable and narrower model is also suitable for smaller fields and tractors

The new model can pick stones between 25 and 400 millimetres in size. The driving speed is 1–7 km/h and the working depth 0–7 centimetres. The hopper capacity is 1.5–2.0 cubic metres and the tipping height 2.4 metres, making it possible to empty the hopper directly into a trailer.

Picking stones, roots and other debris from fields makes subsequent field tasks more efficient and prevents damage to equipment, such as harvesting machines

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Technical specifications

  • Pick-up conveyor Ø1800 mm,
  • Conveyor driven by 2 gearmotors (shaft diameter 60 mm)
  • Screening grid composed of independent steel bars mounted on Silentblocks, every other one raised
  • Large wheels mounted on tandem axle
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Obstacle safety feature
  • Driving speed: 1 to 7 km/h
  • Tractor power required: 60-120 hp min/max
  • Recommended minimum size of tractor hydraulic pump: 70 l/min
  • Maximum hydraulic flow rate: 65 l/min
  • Hydraulic coupling, single action: 1
  • Hydraulic coupling, double action: 3
  • Pick-up lifting tines: 16 pcs
  • Lifting force of the pick-up tines: 320 kg
  • Bending of the pick-up tine from the screen: 210 mm
  • Screen size: 30/40/100/110 mm
  • Support wheels for stone rake
  • Automatic depth control
  • Screen for smaller stones
  • Towing eye K80

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