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The JEULIN MEZCLA mixer is a machine designed to bring you ease, speed, and cost savings in livestock feed distribution. This machine is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized farms. Indeed, it only uses very low power consumption relative to its mixing capacity.

Equipped with an electric motor, it offers an ecological alternative to traditional diesel-powered models. With its horizontal screw system made of high-strength and thick steel, extremely strong and robust for long-lasting use, it ensures homogeneous mixing of feeds, providing balanced nutrition for livestock.

Square bales, forage bales, grass silage, wrapped bales, and other feeds are processed in minutes while preserving the optimal fiber length, which, as we know, is considered essential for proper cattle rumination.

The rapid and uniform distribution of the mixture thus respects the organoleptic characteristics of all the products used. The specific shape of its tank allows for excellent loading capacity and perfect mixing of feeds. Compact and maneuverable, it facilitates feeding operations while reducing fuel costs and polluting emissions.

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Technical specifications

Mixing – Distribution

  • Electric self-propelled mixer with 3-wheel cable
  • Central mixing system “DUO MIX®” with 2 reverse rotating screws (patented mixing system)
  • 2 high-strength steel cutting and mixing screws
  • 2 horizontal screws: mod. 11/14/17: diameter 500
  • Auger revolutions: 22 rpm
  • Removable serrated counter knives
  • Star-shaped swiveling cutting knives
  • Total number of knives on augers:
  • => Mod. 110: 118 / Mod. 140: 134 / Mod. 170: 164
  • Rear hatch for powdered products
  • Programmable weighing system with 3 load sensors
  • DG 500 weighing box 48 recipes and 18 components per recipe
  • Screws driven by robust chains
  • 2 central unloading doors (left and right), width 750 mm, hydraulic opening.
  • DG 500 weighing system


Design – Safety

  • Fixed axle chassis,
  • Automatic parking brake;
  • Hydraulic drive on the front wheel
  • Single seat or bilateral platform or seat plus bilateral platform
  • (basic version) to be specified when ordering
  • Pedal and steering wheel
  • Power supply voltage 400 Volt, 50 Hertz
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Automatic screw reversal in case of blockage, “Inventer” system
  • 22KW electric motor
  • Control panel for “full load” machine start-up by inverter
  • Drive chains with automatic tensioners, automatic oil bath lubrication
  • Angular gear reducer box
  • Auxiliary functions controlled by the electrical panel


  • Basic machine power cable length 2m
  • Electrical control panel with inverter for “full load” start-up
  • Electric motor 400 volts, 50 Hertz


  • SCI inspection ladder
  • Water addition device
  • Speed ​​regulator for discharge conveyor
  • Lifting of the discharge belt by jack (for conveyors 400 – 600 – 800 mm)
  • Lifting of the discharge belt by two jacks (for conveyors 400 – 600 – 800 mm)



  • Power cable length 30m
  • Cable reel (for a cable length of 15 m)
  • Cable reel (for a cable length of 30 m)
  • 30 KW/h electric motor
  • Hydraulic power unit for the front wheel to have separate transmission to the screws from the forward/backward movement



  • Spare knife (each)
  • Knife replacement kit with manual screwdriver
  • Knife replacement kit with automatic screwdriver



  • CF7 magnet on discharge conveyor 120 x 700 mm
  • CF9 magnet on discharge conveyor 120 x 900 mm
  • CR7 rotary magnet (only for fixed discharge conveyor 600mm)
  • CR9 rotary magnet (only for fixed discharge conveyor 600mm)
  • RCA hydraulic adjustment for rotary magnet



  • Manual centralized lubrication system
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system
  • Additional work light KIT
  • Rear vision system with monitor and 2 color cameras
  • Electrical controls – 2 functions
  • Additional electrical control
  • Mudguard
  • Tail lights

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