V-Twin 750

Windrowers | Marque : ELHO

The ELHO V-Twin 750 swather produces clean forage efficiently with a working width up to 8 metres!
The ELHO V-Twin 750 swather is equipped with HydroBalance suspension to ensure that the machine follows the ground surface smoothly and the forage stays clean. It also features double rotors that lift the forage and move it in the air it to the centre. The swath width can be optimised according to the harvester.

A flexible working width of 3–8 metres that can be adjusted from the cab while driving makes the V-Twin 750 ideal for scattering and irregular sections as well. The size of the forage harvester does not matter, as the rotors are designed to create a clean, regular and fluffy swath as wide as necessary that is easy to pick up. The multi-tined rotors also reduce the risk of clogging.

Swathing with a harvester reduces the number of kilometres driven, increases the efficiency of harvesting and improves the quality of the forage. ELHO swathers offer forage producers and contractors numerous benefits!

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Technical specifications

Largeur de travail (m)3,0-8,0
Largeur de l’andain (m)1,3-1,8
Nombre de barres port-dents7
Diamètre du rotor (mm)655
Nombre de dents de râteau336
Largeur de transport (m) (B)2.6
Hauteur de transport (m) (A)1.9
Longueur de transport (m) ©6.9
Taille des pneus300/80-18.3
Poids, kg2170
  • Lateral offset at the hitch (m): manual
  • Number of toolbar rows: 7
  • Number of rake tines: 336
  • 2 Single-action hydraulic couplings
  • 1 Double-action hydraulic coupling
  • Number of hydraulic motors: 2
  • Required oil flow rate: 25 l/min
  • Hydraulic pressure, min/max: 175-210 bar
  • Hydraulic power unit with drive shaft + adapter piece for rotor drive
  • Independent lifting of the rotors
  • Tires 380/55 x 17
  • Double spreader
  • 1-function electrical controls
  • Rotary rake locking VT 750
  • V-Twin 750 swath distributor

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