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Unrollers | Marque : Jeulin

On all the machines in the range, the chains are protected in their guide by a protective plate. This helps to keep the fodder clean as it stops it from coming into contact with the chains. Our unrollers are incredibly robust and reinforced with their removable and replaceable bars.

The HERA and HERA-PIC can dispense the fodder to the left or right depending on what you want.

All models are adaptable to 3-point hitches as standard and as an option can also be adapted to all front loaders or loaders with telescopic arm.

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Technical specifications

DescriptionHéra Pic
Dérouleuse avec pique-botte
Côté de distributionDroite ou gauche
Diamètre botte maxi (m)2
Longueur HT (m)1,90
Largeur (m)2,30
Hauteur (m)1,30
Poids maxi de botte (kg)1 000
Poids à vide (kg)750


  • Conveyor with 19 removable bars with guide
  • Protective plates for chains
  • Removable rear plate
  • Solid floor
  • Adjustable bale retainer tube


  • Hydraulic motorisation
  • Removable hitching frame (3-point hitch, category 2)
  • Dispensing on the right or left


  • Guide (for the tines)
  • Centred hitching guide


  • Spring-mounted hitch locking hook
  • Bale fork deck (Length of tines: 1000 mm, Ø 35 mm)
  • Hydraulic motorisation with security integrated in the bale fork


  • 1 single-acting hydraulic valve
  • Minimum flow 25 l/min


  • Ferrure d’attelage démontable pour chargeur et chariot à bras télescopique
  • Interface mécanique de déport pour attelage 3 points


  • Régulateur de débit manuel (1 sens – Droite ou Gauche à préciser à la commande)

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