Sideliner 1540 M

Wrappers | Marque : Anderson

The ELHO Sideliner 1540 M bale wrapper produces tidy bales efficiently!
The ELHO Sideliner 1540 M bale wrapper features a low wrapping table for loading and wrapping and offloading while retaining a suitable unloading height for allowing the bale to rotate. These robust machines have been popular for decades.

The loading fork automatically lifts the bale to the centre of the wrapping table, so the weight is evenly distributed on both the wheels and the tractor. The sturdy wrapping table is equipped with three chain-driven support rollers and is mounted directly to the frame. Four end-support rolls keep the bale in place at its sides. The sturdy drop mat reduces the risk of damage to wrapped bales, especially on rough ground.

The Sideliner 1540 M comes standard with a single wrapping arm. This is a cable-controlled bale wrapper equipped with a revolution and bale counter.

Optional equipment for the Sideliner 1540 M includes a bale turning ramp and a second wrapping arm that makes it even faster.

ELHO has manufactured thousands of Sideliner bale wrappers, and the success story continues!

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Technical specifications

Diamètre de balle recommandé, m1-1,5
Largeur de balle recommandée, m1.2
Poids maximal de la balle, kg1200
Taille des pneus26x12.00-12
Poids, kg1320
Longueur, m (B)4.67
Largeur, m (C)2.6
Hauteur, m (A)2.71
  • Hydraulic cylinder for the drawbar
  • Hydraulic hoses of the cylinders connected directly to the tractor’s quick coupler
  • Mechanical lock for wrapping and RPM monitor
  • Maximum wrapping speed: 35 rpm
  • Lighting kit: Standard
  • Oil pressure: 180-200 bar
  • Max/min hydraulic flow rate: 50/20 l/min
  • Hydraulic connection-free return: 1
  • Second wrapping arm kit
  • Drop mat mounting kit
  • Film roller bracket
  • Side support rollers

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