Scorpio 550

Stone pickers | Marque : ELHO

The ELHO Scorpio 550 collects stones efficiently!
Picking stones is tough work. Whether you are a farmer of contractor, stone picking has to be timed in between other tasks – usually before ploughing or after harvesting.

The ELHO Scorpio 550 stone picker is equipped with unique solutions that make it easy to remove stones from fields.

One of the key features of the Scorpio 550 is fully hydraulic drive. The hydraulic flow is 85 litres/minute, which is achieved with 110-150 bar. The hydraulic drive is designed for use with a tractor’s normal dual-function hydraulic coupling and a nominal pump size of 110 l/min. The maximum continuous use is 24 kW, and the tractor’s own cooler keeps the oil temperature optimal.

Automatic depth adjustment enables the machine to follow the surface of the ground with a constant working pressure. This makes it easy and pleasant to operate the machine, even in extremely dusty conditions.

The hydraulic system can temporarily increase pressure to the second pickup motor when needed, and the lifting force at the end of the tines is 700 kg.

Sturdy Hardox 500 tines can rotate at higher speeds than traditional steel spring tines. The higher rotation speed improves sieving and soil removal, and it also breaks up organic materials better. The diameter of the picker is 1.8 metres and rotates at 80 r/min, while the tines rotate at 125 r/min.

The Hardox 500 tines have rubber bushings, allowing the sieve steel bars to flex laterally. All of the tines flex backwards and lift out of the sieve to prevent blockages. The maximum tine flex is 500 mm.

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Technical specifications

  • Tractor power required, 75-140 min/max,
  • Recommended minimum size of tractor hydraulic pump, 110 l/min
  • Maximum hydraulic flow rate, 85 l/min
  • Hydraulic coupling, single action, 1
  • Hydraulic coupling, double action, 3
  • Driving speed, 1 to 7 km/h
  • Pick-up lifting tines, 16 pcs
  • Lifting force of the pick-up tines, 400 kg
  • Bending of the pick-up tine from the screen, 210 mm
  • Screen size, 30/40/100/110 mm
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Screen for smaller stones
  • Towing eye K80

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