RBM PRO 2000

Bale trailer | Marque : Anderson

The Anderson Group is proud to introduce the first automatic loading bale trailer capable of handling wrapped silage bales. The RBMPRO series can move nearly twice as many bales as any traditional platform system. It reduces task time, labor, and fuel consumption, allowing farmers or contractors to spend more time where it matters! Finally, the superior productivity of the RBMPRO series allows the field to be cleared as quickly as the combi-press can press the bales, all without worrying about breaking the plastic.

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Technical specifications

  • Standard safety chain
  • Round tubular loading arm type
  • Ability to load a second row of bales Telescopic arm
  • Tires 550/45-22.5
  • (Reversing) camera Standard
  • Minimum tractor hydraulic flow rate 60 L/min
  • Minimum tractor hydraulic pressure 190 bar
  • Required HP 130 HP
  • Three double hydraulic outlets required + LS
  • Controls Touchscreen

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