DUETT 7300

Mower shredders | Marque : ELHO

Unsurpassed ergonomics for owners of a reverse-drive tractor!
The ELHO Duett 7300 is the ideal mower conditioner for large fields and is designed for use with reverse-drive tractors only. Operating in reverse provides an unobstructed view to the mower conditioner and agile steering thanks to the swivelling rear wheels.

The 7.3-metre Duett is also extremely efficient. If there are obstacles in the field or the individual fields are small, the Duett is often more efficient than a butterfly mower conditioner with a wider cutting width. The cutting unit comprises two 3.7-metre cutter bars that automatically engage when the units are lowered.

The Duett does not leave unmown areas even in tight bends. The cutting units feature HydroBalance suspension that lightly follows the field surface, forming high, quick-drying swaths on both sides of the tractor. The swaths are also very suitable for round balers. HydroBalance allows the driving speed to be kept high while still producing clean forage. The transfer from transport mode to the working position and vice versa is quick, as simply raising or lowering the wings is sufficient.

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Technical specifications

  • DISC SPEED: 3100 rpm
  • PTO SPEED: 1000
  • HydroBalance SUSPENSION
  • AUTOMATIC LOCK of both mowers
  • Forged steel conditioner with adjustable counter-blade
  • Tractor power required, min/max, 140-180 HP
  • Number of discs 18
  • Adjustable skids Standard
  • Forged steel round finger Standard
  • HydroBalance suspension Standard
  • Mechanical unlocking, automatic return
  • PTO speed, 1000 rpm
  • Hydraulic coupling, single action 3
  • Hydraulic coupling, double action 1
  • Hydraulic pressure, min/max 180-210 bar
  • PTO connection
  • 3-point hitch Cat.3
  • Flat knife kit L+R (7,3/10,5 m)

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