Jeulin - Concepteur et fabricant français de matériels d'élevage



Rotary mower 2 drums (2 x 4 blades, oil bath case, free wheel incorporated
Cutting width 2100mm
Height setting of the rotary cut thanks to 2 hydraulic cylinders
Cutting system suspension by 2 springs
Cutting indicator position
Conveyor width 950 mm composed of 8 combs equipped with 8 teeth and 8 blades
Hydraulic driving of the conveyor by a hydraulic moto reductor with oil bath
Cutting system protection cover

Floor conveyor Marine chain Ø12 (hight strength) bars made of dismantables tubes with manufactured ends ®
Driving of the floor conveyor by moto reductor oil bath, flow adjustment
3 shredding rotors hydraulic driving
Rear bilateral unloading floor in PVC, width 800 mm and unloading height 800 mm
Rear unloading with a complete hydraulic opening

Electric control of all the functionswith a mobile control box in the tractor’s cab
Hydraulic group of the conveyor and the rotors, hydraulic oil tank capacity 295l

Conception – Safety
Bolted housing
Lateral door

Road traffic
Low linkage beam with hydraulic dish
Linkage under the transmission
Parking brake and hydraulic brake on the 4 wheels
Light in accordance with the road code
Hydraulic kickstand with manual pump
Pendulum 4 wheels 400 x 15.5
CE norms and DREAL homologation

PTO transmission with protection, transmission sleeve and safety bowl machine side
1/2 wide angle PTO shaft tractor with protection

Tractor equipment
PTO shaft for 540 rpm< Electric plug 12v/3 pins for valves Electric plug 12v/7 pins for light Hydraulic distributor SE with 2 direct return to the tank Linkage piton[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title="ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT" open_toggle_text_color="#000000" open_toggle_background_color="#ffffff" closed_toggle_text_color="#ffffff" closed_toggle_background_color="#000000" icon_color="#ff0000" admin_label="équipements complémentaires" _builder_version="3.26.6" body_text_color="#000000" custom_margin="||2%|" z_index_tablet="500" title_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" title_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" title_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" closed_title_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" closed_title_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" closed_title_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" body_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" body_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" body_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" body_link_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" body_link_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" body_link_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" body_ul_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" body_ul_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" body_ul_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" body_ol_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" body_ol_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" body_ol_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" body_quote_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" body_quote_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" body_quote_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px" box_shadow_horizontal_tablet="0px" box_shadow_vertical_tablet="0px" box_shadow_blur_tablet="40px" box_shadow_spread_tablet="0px" text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet="0px" text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet="0px" text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet="1px"]

Cutting system – Unloading
– Cutting system hydraulic driven – Jeulin patent
– Hydraulic clutch of the cutting system
– Stones discs – pair
– Insoles for lower disk protection – pair
– Cutting system setting brace thickness 30 mm – pair
– End of unloading indicator
– Hydraulic rear door (rear unloading) erase shredders and mat (- 250 kg)
– Lateral unloading  R or L door with mat (without schredders) with 5 blades in conveyor,  unloading height 0,60 m, hydraulic lifters
– Precise the unloading side at the order

Axles – Pneumatics
– Following pendulum axle with hydraulic blocking
– Wheels 520/50 x 17 (952×516) height increasing of 0,60 m compared to 19/45 x 17 – 4 wheels
– Wheels 520/50 x 17 (952×516) height increasing of 0,60 m compared to 19/45 x 17 – 6 wheels
– Tridem 1 rear follower axle
– Spare wheel 19/45 x 17
– Spare wheel 520/50 x 17

– Electric reverser of unloading mat
– Electric adjustment of flow for unloading mat (1 direction)

– Weighing 5 sensors (4 sensors on axle, 1 sensor in the drawbar)

– Mudguards – pair
– MOTEC camera with screen (location to be precised)
– Additional MOTEC Camera (location to be precised) – REF 9570 compulsory
– 1/2 wide angle PTO shaft machine side with protection