Jeulin - Concepteur et fabricant français de matériels d'élevage





Jeulin markets the Actimix, a reliable and robust self-propelled! Ergonomics and comfort have been designed for the user (cabin, joystick, rear engine, easy maintenance, etc.) Innovative materials and top-of-the-range finish quality, a product that will become indispensable.


Jeulin markets the Jirès 650 (65 m3) and 780 (78 m3), self-loading mowers with combs and rotor intended for dry fodder crops for drying in barns.


On April 1, 2021, Mr. Navarre Stéphane, with 30 years of experience, takes over the management of the company. He can count on the support of Éliane Jeulin-Charitour, director until then, and Mr. Rioux Mathieu, director of the J Prod production site in Coëx.


Launch of a new brand identity promoting the return to grass and animal welfare.

Jeulin obviously remains faithful to his friendly cow, a strong symbol recognized by all. This cow is now happy to eat “local fodder” in a farm that aims for food autonomy at a lower cost and in harmony with its environment.

From October 5, we invite you to discover the site


Design of a new high capacity straw blower Sirius 140, Jeulin develop a new range of self loading zero grazing machine with a 2.30m width cutter bar, named Eres


Development of a new straw blower for short straw named Helicut.


Starting of a new unroller range, Héra
New design and continous improvement


NGF models appears at the vertical mixers range, narrow and low models


Development of Palès 200
RF Grain tankers increasing capacity with models up to 20m3. Jeulin develop a new weighing system wich can be set and fix on all the range


The manufacturer took strenght of Force 2 and Hélios straw blower to design a new generation of straw blower Sirius PA.
Palès 300 start at the range of self loading zero grazing trailers. A 24m3 machine for small or middle breeding farm. Patented innovation, hydraulic driven of the cutter bar


Important year for the manufacturer, 60 years been, highlighted by colour changement of the range, red is coming.
Self loading zero grazing machine Palès 600 is showed at the 2013 SIMA and its made for big breeding farms.
The silage unloading range growing with Sirius DP in 3 models Sirius 55 DP, Sirius 70 DP and  Sirius 80 DP. Aeromel, the straw blower version of Energy is now in the narrow range.


New vertical mixer conception and vertical mixer with straw blower. Activa F2 and Boramel F2 push the range with 30 years experiences and moderns techniques.


Many improvements or technical modifications are done  for example :

  • New Hélios version, adaptable on telehandler
  • Adaptation of the Hélios door on the Breva model


Energy, came to the vertical mixers range
Design and manufacture of the self loading zero grazing machine Palès


Increasing the range with 3 self propelled machines Falcon,Super Falcon and Eagle
Hélios came to the Vénus and Calisto range


Evolution of the vertical mixer machines with one wich had straw blowing system named Boramel
The silage feeders range had a new chutter, the 300° rotation one allowing to feed, mix.


Increasing of workshop 2500 m2 more.


Workshop superficy increase  to get 6000m2


Design and manufacture of straw blowing machine


Manufacturing of vertical mixers


Drawing and using of Jeulin machine


Drawing and using of Jeulin machine, slurry tanker, manure spreader and self loading


Creation of the family company by Mr Claude JEULIN (maréchal-ferrant)
The society start his activity by conception and manufacturing farming machines